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BaFin investigates JoyTrust broker scam
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We have warned against the JoyTrust (www.joytrust.net) broker scam several times. The German regulator BaFin investigates the fraud, and its operator, the UK-registered Top Suite Ltd. The boiler room agents of JoyTrust contact potential victims falsely claiming that they would have a high balance on his Blockchain.com wallet and only need to pay a $250 conversion fee to unlock it. As proof, they send a copy of a fake ID of a Blockchain.com employee called Robert Mendes. The JoyTrust scam is still actively attacking consumers. Please do not fall for it.

Please read our report on JoyTrust and Top Suite here!

JoyTrust works with fake Blockchain.com account statements

Customers receive a fake Blockchain.com account statement showing high amounts of over $53,000. One would only have to deposit the conversion fee of $250 and could get the balance. And of course, one should also upload a copy of the ID to prove legitimacy. Data theft is included with JoyTrust.

JoyTrust‘s boiler room agents are very aggressive and claim to be Blockchain.com employees to check if the money is not from money laundering. They call frequently and provide all sorts of fake evidence of the authenticity of their offer. In this context, the victims also receive emails from a fake person with the stage name Marko Rossi ([email protected]) containing details about the process of withdrawal of the (non-existent) Blockchain.com funds.

There is a lot of money involved; eventually, greed wins in the victims, and they transfer the $250 conversion fee to get the money. The money is then gone and possibly more.

Stay far away from JoyTrust and these Blockchain.com scams. You will save yourself money and the theft of your data.

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