Well-known Belgrade Lawyer Attacked and Defamed

Marko Vujosevic attacked by former partners
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The victim of these attacks in Belgrade is not unknown on the international scammer scene. Marko Vujosevic, 39, is a well-known lawyer in Belgrade and a partner in the law firm Vujosevic & Partner. Allegedly Vujosevic was attacked by several thugs. In addition, large posters (see featured image) have been put up in various places in Belgrade in which Vujosevic is described as a thief, forger, and crook. Maybe these attacks are related to his work for scammer and cybercrime organizations.

Since 2016, Vujosevic has become intensively involved with the Israeli scammer scene and, for example, has set up a payment processor in Montenegro together with the imprisoned Gal Barak – the Global Payment Solutions DOO (GPS). The latter is an important element in the criminal charges against Gal Barak for money laundering.

The suspected scammer Uwe Lenhoff, who is currently in prison, was also involved in this Montenegrin GPS. Lenhoff accuses Marko Vujosevic and his partner of having defrauded him of €7 million. Vujosevic denies this. Lenhoff and Barak are currently awaiting their indictments in Germany and Austria for operating a cybercrime organization, investment fraud, and money laundering. Vujosevic fully cooperated with the EU authorities and handed over the relevant documents. He is listed as a suspect in the criminal records.

Vujosevic is a director and shareholder of GPS (see the company registry data) and has handled the funds stolen from retail investors for the scams of Lenhoff and Barak via Atlas Banka, Hipotekarna Banka, Prva Banka, and Nova Banka. Vujosevic, his law firm, and his consulting firm have received a lot of money via GPS.

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