Warning! FundsProMax scam pretends to be BaFin!

warning against FundsProMax pretending to be BaFin
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Currently, the broker scam FundsProMax (www.fundspromax.com) sends emails in which employees of the scam pretend to be representatives of the “recovery department” of BaFin. They tell us that there is a balance of €500 in our account. They would like to pay this out. To discuss the payment, please give them your telephone number and be prepared to talk to them. BaFin warns on its website that these scammers use the BaFin name fraudulently. Do not fall for FundsProMax!

BaFin does not contact individuals to offer them advice on financial products or demand payments to specific accounts. Ignore requests by others to make a payment to a supposed BaFin account in order to confirm your identity or your account, for instance.

BaFin warning (link)

FundsProMax claims on its website that it would be a trusted and secure crypto exchange with more than 5 million customers. Bullshit, of course. While the FundsProMax website provides no information about the operators, Spain is stated as the responsible jurisdiction. We have not been able to register via the website today due to captcha problems.

Moreover, FundsProMax account managers are also sending emails informing customers that €250 would have been deposited into their account and that they should please start trading. These emails also ask for a phone call. Please do not fall for it either.

BaFin warns on its website that these scammers use the BaFin name fraudulently.


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