Update on Bleaxmond Scam Family with AlephLink Solutions

The Bleaxmond scam family
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On Aug 7, 2020, the UK regulator FCA has warned against the Estonian broker scam Bleaxmond. The website (www.bleaxmond.com) is still online but apparently no new registrations are accepted. The illegal broker is operated by AlephLink Solutions Ltd OÜ, which is registered in Estonia. Efthymios Marangos and Karmo Neider used to be the company’s directors. Karmo Neider informed us today that he resigned two weeks after the FCA warning.

On its website, the scammers invite potential victims to join the “Bleaxmond Family.” Nice, isn’t it? It certainly feels better for victims if you lose the money to the happy family. Or so!

According to the records of the Estonian company register, Karmo Neider actually worked as director of the scam operator for just two months. He informed us that he “had a different understanding regarding the company´s further activity” and thus resigned. Anyway, he should be able to identify the beneficial owners of the Bleaxmond scam, shouldn’t he?

Currently, Efthymios Marangos is the only director of the company, which was established in 2018 through the company builder EESTI FIRMA (www.eestifirma.ee). The latter offers the respective services to obtain one of those worthless FIU crypto licenses scammers like so much.

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