UK regulator warns against Capital Markets Trading a/k/a Trade Investing!

investor warning against Trade Investing and Capital Markets Trade
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TODAY, the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) issued an investor alert against Capital Markets Trade (www.capital-markets.trade), which acts as a clone of FCA-regulated Capital Markets Trading UK LLP. For registration, potential victims are redirected to the Trade Investing website (https://va-tr.trade-investing.com/signup). The confirmation email is sent from [email protected]. Victims can lose their money via credit and debit cards, bank wires, and Bitcoin.

The credit and debit card deposits are routed through the LeadsGalaxy payments page with the domain https://pay.leadsgalaxy.com. To make a deposit, you need a promo code which you can only get from the scam’s boiler room agent.

Stay far away from Capital Markets Trade a/k/a Trade Investing scam. If you have any information about the fraud or LeadsGalaxy as well, please share it with us. You can use our whistleblower system Whistle42 for this purpose.


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