Today’s affiliate fraud warnings with FXoffers, Daily Profit, and Way 2 Freedom

Investor warning Bitcoin System affiliate scam
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The fraudulent FXOffers Elite (www.fxoffers.cc/elite), as well as the Daily Profit (www.bst-offers.com/daily) affiliate campaigns, lead us today via nice videos and false promises first to the “trading room” of the Algo-Machine scam (www.algo-machine.com). From there, it goes on to the already known Capital Holdings broker scam. Here we go! A few days ago, we already led via the also fraudulent Way 2 Freedom (www.way2freedom.club) affiliate campaign. Please read our respective report here. These are all scams that want to steal your money. Stay away!

Liars and Deceivers

FXoffers is a fraudulent affiliate scheme

Broker scams trap their victims with the help of so-called marketing companies acting as affiliates for the scammers. They receive bonuses and commissions for each captured victim and their deposits. In doing so, affiliates work with misleading and fraudulent campaigns to catch victims via emails and social media.

Currently, these fraudulent affiliate campaigns work with a strong focus on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The campaigns promise dreamlike profits without any risk in the emails. In fact, one is then referred to a broker – mostly either licensed CySEC brokers and/or illegally operating scams.

For chasing the potential victims, the affiliate schemes like FXOffers work with a portfolio of campaigns (see left screenshot) to address diffent kind of potential victims.

Part of scam rackets

The affiliates are part of the scam system and co-conspirators. They are just as criminally active as the illegal payment processors. Both affiliates and payment processors are scam and fraud facilitators.

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