The Morning Warning – Global Markets Association broker scam chasing victims!

Global Markets Association scam promotec by Tesler and Bitcoin Profit
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Monday, 21 June 2021, the scam emails direct us to the Bitcoin Prime and Tesler fraud campaigns presented on the referrer hop Pjyhddxd (https://pjyhddxd.xyz/bitcoin-prime). An intermediate step led us through the websites Vularen (www.vularen.com, Bixlle (www.bixlle.com), and Sillitez (www.sillitez.com). The last website Ukrkskke (https://ukrkskke.xyz), went offline again after our warning. After registering with the campaigns, we landed on the payment page of broker scam Global Markets Association (www.gm-associat.com and www.gm-associations.com). We already reported this scam here. Stay far away from these campaigns and the scams they advertise.

The Global Markets Association a/k/a GM Association scam is operated by BI Level World Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands. It uses the Estonian payment processor PayTechno to process the potential victims’ credit and debit card payments.

Vularen and Sillitez are used as routing sites for malicious traffic. Officially, the two sites present themselves as providers of interior design services. Bixlle pretends to sell musical instruments. In fact, you can’t buy anything there. The site merely acts as a referrer hub for malicious traffic. The referrer hop Pjyhddxd belongs to a merchant selling Kindle eBooks on Amazon. At least, that is the official activity. In fact, the site acts as a hop source for traffic from fraudulent campaigns.

If you have any information about the operators of the fraudulent marketing campaigns or the scams, we would be grateful if you could share it with us. Together we can take action against these investment and marketing scams.

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