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FinTelegram is committed to protecting investors and focuses on crypto investments. The protection of investors includes comprehensive information on general market developments as well as on specific projects and issuers. It is in the nature of investor protection that most of our reports are rather negative because our mission is to identify problems with issuers and investment projects.

To protect investors, however, we also support them in getting their funds back if something does not develop as agreed. Unfortunately, we are currently confronted with many scams and poorly or irresponsibly executed projects. In many of these cases, investors have hardly any chance to recover their investment. Often the issuers of ICO’s or the sellers of crypto-mining and crypto-trading packages do not even provide an imprint. The people involved are often untraceable and more often than not fake people. In addition, there is the linguistic and cultural barrier. FinTelegram wants to support investors across jurisdictions with information and plans to organize focused initiatives to reclaim money from scams and/or bad projects.

Due to some requests, we would like to start with the COINTED CLAIM INITIATIVE. On the one hand, because COINTED has customers and investors who want to have their money back. COINTED has

  • an ICO was carried out,
  • Crypto mining packages sold,
  • operated a crypto exchange and
  • still operates a network of crypto-ATMs.

We have heard from lawyers that many clients no longer receive their money and therefore had to take legal action. This is relatively easy for Austrians, as COINTED is based in Austria. However, it is much more difficult for ICO investors, most of whom are based in other jurisdictions. As part of our COINTED CLAIM INITIATIVE, we offer clients and investors support with their claims. We plan to bundle the demands of customers and investors and to collect them together with our legal representatives at COINTED and the acting persons.

The collected reports about COINTED can be found here: COINTED FILES

Claims can be submitted here on our international website: COINTED CLAIM REQUEST.



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