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The Alpha Centauri CTX Line has been discontinued since October 2017. There has been no mining of the CTX coin since then. The promised billions and the IPO have never been turned into anything. While the Alpha Centauri mastermind Michael Sander, who resides in Dubai, focuses on his new MLM project “Billionaires Gate”, some guys try to resurrect the CTX coin. The second round in the rip-off.

The non-profit association D.I.F. (Association for disruptive innovation) was set up in Austria by Patrick Hummer, Johann Kapeller, and Amar Sayyed this summer. They pretend to have no connection whatsoever with the original GTX Line and Alpha Centauri. The DIF is asking for donations and, additionally, offers a questionable CTX pool mining possibility:

“For a maximum of 10 miners there is the possibility to donate at least 1 BTC to get a place and thus early access to CTX Mining before the publication of the source codes. Interested parties can apply and send their application to the following e-mail address: [email protected] this concept applies: First come, first serve! Once the 10 places have been allocated, nothing stands in the way of a subsequent listing”.

The D.I.F. talks about a resurrection of the CTX Coin and its blockchain. The D.I.F. kick-off event was heavily advertised and took place in Salzburg in July 2018.

According to the D.I.F. the future of the CTX will be promising:

  • Listing of CTX in a few weeks on one or more stock exchanges, at the latest by the end of Q3/2018 (the exact date cannot and must not be announced for legal reasons)
  • Completely new offline wallets for Windows (first release), Android and Ios.
  • Provided that there is sufficient liquidity in the CTX and a number of other factors not mentioned by D.I.F., the CTX will be commercially supported by other sponsors.

A quick web search revealed that both Johann Kappeler (Switzerland), as well as Patrick Hummer, have been part of the Centauri Coin scheme for quite a long time. Hence, they are old hands with a new plan to restart a scam coin.

Given these facts, it should not come as a surprise that we will include D.I.F. in our Crypto42 Watchdog Alert. Please do your own research before investing into this highly questionable organization.

  1. Andreas G. says:

    Well… You should do a better investigation before you post something like this! This is no rip-off or something like this, the Centauri-Coin (CTX) is already listed on livecoin.net. It was a community takeover which succeed and the coin is listed – so now, where is the rip-off??

    1. Tamir Cohen says:

      A lot of shit coins are listed which does not make them good coins, right? Unfortunately, some crypto-exchanges did not have issues with those coins. We stand to our conclusion that CTX and Alpha Centauri are big-style rip-offs performed by the notorious Sander.

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