Spanish CNMV warns against BridgerPay client ProAktivMarket

ProAktivMarket scam facilitated by BridgerPay
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The Spanish regulator CNMV has issued a warning against ProAktivMarket (www.proaktivmarket.com). An entity in St. Vincent and the Grenadines allegedly operates the illegal broker. A specific legal entity is not named on the website of the scam, which attacks consumers and naive retail in German and English. German-speaking consumers seem to be the primary target. As a payment processor for credit and debit cards, we have once again discovered BridgerPay and Neobanq. Perfect Money and the Estonian crypto payment processor Quamtor are integrated into the facilitating BridgerPay cashier.

The licensed Estonian Crypto Merx OÜ operated the payment processor and exchange Quamtor (www.quamtor.com) with Jorge Aitor Azpiazu Cigaran and Kristo Nilov as its registered directors. We have already discovered Quamtor with BridgerPay in the RaxTrade scam operated by ROI Stock Limited in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (see report here).

On Trustpilot, ProAktivMarket has a 2-star rating with a corresponding “Poor” trust level. German victims write all negative reviews. This shows that the scam mainly attacks German-speaking victims.

September 6, 2021, was not really a good day for BridgerPay and its clients. Clients of Ran Cohen‘s Israeli-Cypriot payment processor were awarded CNMV investor warnings. In the past, however, warnings from financial market regulators have not bothered VISA network partner BridgerPay. This approach will most certainly not change until it is ordered to do so!

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