Really? Scam victims’ money allegedly financed the campaign of the President of Montenegro!

Marko Vujosevic and Milo Dukanovic
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Disclaimer: the accusations made in the report published in Serbia are denied by Marko Vujosevic (pictured above right) and labeled as lies. His former partner, however, confirms these accusations. The documents available to us show that the allegations in the Serbian article regarding the flow of money are true. Whether money from European scam victims was actually used to finance political campaigns and networks is a matter for the law enforcement agencies. The documents presented by the Serbian article and Marko Vujosevic’s former partner support the allegations. We think it’s important to inform the victims, whose money may have been used for political corruption.

The Belgrade-based online news portal In4S (www.in4s.net) exposed an explosive political dimension of cybercrime charges around Gal Barak und Uwe Lenhoff. The Belgrade lawyer Marko Vujosevic allegedly stole and laundered €19 million between 2017 to 2018 via Global Payment Solutions DOO (GPS) in Montenegro. GPS is at the very center of the cybercrime organizations of Barak and Lenhoff. The latter died in prison for unknown reasons. Barak was sentenced to four years in prison for investment fraud and money laundering. And now IN4S claims part of these cybercrime proceeds was used to finance the President of Montenegro, Milo Dukanovic (pictured above left).

The GPS story in a nutshell

Global Payment Solutions and the scams of Uwe Lenhoff and Gal Barak

Lenhoff and Barak have accused Vujosevic and Hoppl of stealing millions from them. The money they previously stole from consumers and retail investors via their scams. In 2015, GPS was established as a joint venture of Vusjosevic, his godfather Lazar Hoppl, Uwe Lenhoff, and Gal Barak. Each of them held 25% of the company. Barak und Lenhoff used this company as an illegal payment processor for the money stolen from European retail investors via their broker scams.

Towards the end of 2017, a dispute arose between Gal Barak, Marko Vujosevic, and Lazar Hoppl. It was about missing money. Uwe Lenhoff claimed to the police that Vujosevic had stolen at least €7 million from him. The latter denied this.

The fact is that both Vujosevic and Hoppl are listed as suspects and accomplices of Lenhoff and Barak in the criminal files in Germany and Austria. Sometime in 2020, a dispute arose between Vujosevic and Hoppl, who claims that Vujosevic defrauded him in the GPS. He filed criminal charges against him in Belgrade. Everybody fights everybody. And some are already dead.

Between 2015 and 2018, GPS was just one of dozens of illegal payment processors set up by the global scammer scene in Montenegro. Israelis like Gal Barak were regularly behind it. Montenegro, with its super-relaxed banks and lawyers like Vujosevic, was one of the global money-laundering hotspots.

Good fellas in Montenegro

Agreement between Global Payment Solutions and Wolff & Stein

Marko Vujosevic is a close friend of Milo Dukanovic, the President of Montenegro. In the Montenegrin GPS scheme around Uwe Lenhoff and Gal Barak, Marko Vujosevic allegedly employed Andrija Boskovic, nephew of Predrag Boskovic, the then Minister of Defense in Montenegro.

In this Montenegrin-Serbian scheme, the consulting firm Wolff & Stein DOO (OpenCorporates) played an important role in which Marko Vujosevic was also one of the partners, as is Andrija Boskovic, who signed one of the contracts between GPS and Wolff & Stein (see screenshot left).

Allegedly Milo Đukanovic financed his political campaign through the companies of his friend Marko Vujosevic. This is what the IS4N report purports.

Money stolen from scam victims

Global Payment Solutions and Marko Vujosevic signed agreement with Capital Force

GPS was used as an illegal payment processor and money-laundering hub for several big scams like Option888 or TradoVest operated by Uwe Lenhoff via offshore entities like Capital Force Ltd, registered in the Republic of Samoa in 2017. FinTelegram has the respective payment documents. Law enforcement agencies in Germany and Austria confirmed that Marko Vujosevic is one of the suspects in the vast cybercrime case around Uwe Lenhoff and Gal Barak. The IN4S report points out that most of the money was paid to fake companies in offshore locations and Kosovo. Companies that allegedly are linked with the Montenegrin President.

The GPS money was laundered through Prva Banka, Atlas Banka, Lovćen Banka, and CKB Banka. Substantial amounts have been laundered via false sponsorship agreements. FinTelegram has the payment documents and agreements. One payment of €657,000 was made to ZRK “Budućnost,” which was headed by Predrag Boskovic at the time. Djukanovic has repeatedly issued orders with the payment of large sums of money to the said club.

Real Estate Transactions

Nikola Sekulovic signed agreement on behalf of Global Payment Solutions and GPS Immobilien

The lawyer also established GPS Immobilien DOO registered at the same address as GPS (OpenCorporates). Port of the money received from scam victims was transferred from GPS to GPS Immobilien with loan agreements (see screenshot left). However, the money from the GPS Immobilien account disappeared from the bank account, the IS4N report claims. Allegedly, Vujosevic paid some of the money to potential Djukanovic voters.

Allegedly, the money was stolen and laundered with fake real estate deals. In one case GPS Immobilien is said to have purchases of a shop in Podgorica for 270,000.00 euros and an apartment in Belgrade for the amount of 580,000.00 euros with garage spaces in the amount of 36,000 euros. Vujosevic hands over all that money for the campaign of the political party DPS, headed by Milo Djukanovic.

Troubles in London! Seriously?

Vujosevic allegedly paid a huge sum to a fake investor in London, who was actually a bartender rather than a reputable lawyer. The IN4S report claims that the London company Thompson Crosby was deceived by Marko Vujošević and filed a criminal complaint. The case is pending, but Vujošević avoids handing over the papers requested by Thompson Crosby.

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