R4I – The Spanish-Bulgarian Elit Property Vision Racket, WTCInversion, and other scams

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Almost two years ago, we published a report about a Cease and Desist Order issued by the German BaFin against Elit Property Vision Ltd and its Britonprice scam. Before and after that, numerous regulators have issued warnings against scams associated with the Elit Property Vision Racket. According to the information we have, this is a Bulgarian-Spanish cybercrime network, and Rezaeian Mohammadi Majid is one of the principals. Therefore, we would like to know more about the Elit Property Vision Racket and its people.

Below we have compiled a list of scams and companies that have attracted attention over the last few years in connection with Elit Property Vision Racket.

Should you have any information regarding Elite Property Vision Racket, scam brands, legal entities, facilitating payment processors or people, we would be grateful if you share it with us.

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