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Manila boiler room operator Nusku
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Yes, we are guilty. We already think we know the people behind Nusku. At least we have so much information to make a firm conclusion. We have documents, photos, and videos that prove that big broker scams like Trade99 were handled through this Israeli boiler room in Manila in the Philippines. We also know that Kfir Levy worked with Nusku. He was arrest on October 22, 2021. We know the owner but would like to learn more about vanished Nusku and its people for our Manila Papers. Please share your information with us.

Oren Laurent and his Nusku boiler room agents celebrate in Manila

The Philippines has been the center of the Israeli scammer boiler room scene for more than 10 years. Not only are boiler rooms for forex and binary options operated there, but also for online casinos. Kfir Levy at the time of his arrest on October 22, 2021, worked on the Philippines. On the left, you see the Nusku boiler room people have a nice party in Manila. This was before the arrest of Levy. In 2020, the Nusku hosting account was suspended and its website vanished along with its social media activities.

Previously, Levy was a lieutenant of Gal Barak in his cybercrime organization E&G Bulgaria. That’s why German authorities organized his arrest in Manila. Behind Levy, however, are other Israelis running even bigger scam schemes than Gal Barak.

We will soon publish our Manila Report which will shed light on the Israeli boiler room scene in the Philippines. If you have any information about this please share it with FinTelegram.

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