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We recently spotted Estonia-registered and licensed crypto payment processor Finrax (www.finrax.com) at offshore broker Moneta Markets (review here). Finrax is new on our radar, and we would like to know more. We know that Finrax is a Bulgarian venture operated via Finrax Limited, registered in Sofia. To get the crypto license in Estonia, the subsidiary Finrax Exchange OÜ was established. The founders and directors are Roberto Penchev and Miroslav Marinov. We would like to know more about the crypto payment processor.

The Bulgarian Finrax founders Roberto Penchev, born in January 1991, and Miroslav Marinov, born in February 1990, also serve as directors of the licensed Estonian Finrax Exchange OÜ. The absence of nominee directors and trustees makes them trustworthy in the first place. The website also discloses that one operates through the Bulgarian parent company.

Finrax cooperates with payment platform IXOPAY, among others, through which merchants can accept crypto payments from their clients.

If you have any information about Finrax and its activities, please share it with us. We will update our database accordingly and provide relevant information.

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