R4I – Let us know more about the vast scam network XupAssetSignals et al!

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We know that most broker scams are part of a network that constantly produces new scam brands. The UK FCA recently warned against the crypto scam Encrypted Investment a/k/a CryptoExpert Investments. In our review, we found that this scam is part of a scam network including iQtrades247, BinFXtrade broker scams, and vanished XupAssetSignals. There are many more scam brands in this network, some of them have been exposed by TBBOB in June 2021. Below is the list of identified scam brands:

Scam networkOptions Tradex, BitVest Tradex, Volt Assets, Bitcoin Trust Options, AstroFX Bots, Oxford FX, GrayTrade Options, CryptomFX, Mining Crypto, OctaFX Pro, XupAssetSignals, Arox Trade Assets, Intercon FX Bots, FxBinance, Swift Trade Option, FxNet, Logic Pips FX, Coin Creditor, Cash4FxOption, Vertex Trade, iQtrades247, CryptoExpert Investments, BinFXtrade

Most of the scam brands listed above work with fake certificates and licenses that are poorly faked. We would be interested to know who is behind this scam network. If you have any useful information, we would be grateful if you could share it with us through our whistleblower system Whistle42.

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