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In recent months we have warned against many broker scams running on the Israeli AirSoft a/k/a AirSoft Technologies platform (www.airsoftltd.com). We know that AirSoft is a Venture of Interest for German law enforcement agencies and is at the center of respective investigations because of scam-facilitating activities. The venture’s website lacks legal entity details. Allegedly, the Hadjadj family controls the yet unknown legal entities behind the venture.

Along with PandaTS and the Sirix platform, AirSoft is very popular among scam operators for implementing white-label scam brokers. The project was allegedly established in or around 2012. According to reports in Finance Magnates, AirSoft a/k/a AirSoft Technologies would be a “company is a full-service fintech developer ‎with offices in Cyprus and Hong Kong offering cryptocurrency, forex and ‎CFDs trading capabilities for ‎online brokers.‎”

In April 2021, Simona Weinglass of The Times of Israel reported law enforcement actions initiated by German prosecutors in Kosovo and Bulgaria against scam brokers and their boiler rooms. Some of these scams used the AirSoft platform. According to the report, the beneficial owners would be members of the Hadjadj family who emigrated from Marseille to Israel. According to our sources, several German law enforcement agencies are investigating AirSoft in the context of large broker scams.

We are currently working on a report about AirSoft and its activities and would like to know more. If you have any information about the legal entities, individuals, customers, and partners, please share it with us through our whistleblower system Whistle42 or via email to fintelegram[at]protonmail.com.

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