R4I – Have you heard about the WALP Entertainment?

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We did not know about WALP Entertainment S.R.L. until recently. The company supposedly is registered in Costa Rica and is massively involved in crypto gambling. This offshore entity also operates the unlicensed crypto gambling site Pasino (www.pasino.com) and the unregulated crypto payment processor FaucetPay (www.faucetpay.io). WALP Entertainment is also the issuer of the Feyorra (www.feyorra.com) crypto token, which is positioned as a payment token for the gambling industry.

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A company that advertises on these websites like WALP Entertainment can either only be a Gery Shalon venture or has a problem selecting its advertising partners. The former seems more likely to us but we may be wrong of course. We would like to know more about WALP Entertainment, the people involved, and their activities. If you have any information, please share it with us through our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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