Optioment Update: 7 Supects and Christopher RIEDER Missing

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Austrian media sites reported yesterday, that the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office has assigned the possible Fraud case Optioment to the Economic and Corruption Prosecutor’s Office (WKStA). This authority is responsible for investigations of criminal cases exceeding five million euros. Whatever the amount of damage and the concrete number of victims at Optioment will ultimately be, of course, is not yet clear. Meanwhile, the authority investigates seven people on suspicion of commercial serious fraud.

Cointed co-founder Christopher RIEDER allegedly involved in the Optioment scheme
Cointed co-founder Christopher RIEDER

According to involved lawyers, Cristopher RIEDER, co-founder of the Cointed group, should have acted as a sort of mastermind, coordinating Optioments MLM activities and payments. RIEDER allegedly left Austria shortly after the collapse of Optioment and was not available for media since then. Some of the other suspects, especially the so called “3 Optioment Musketeers” incriminate RIEDER for having coordinated the Optioment scheme with other people they have never seen or met (read our telegrams here).

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Optioment had thousands of investors. The majority of them were Austrians because Optioment was mainly advertised there. The system was launched at the end of 2016 and offered investors a return of 1.5 to 4% per week. Distribution took place within the framework of a multilevel marketing (MLM) scheme. Thus, investors were given additional commissions if they could win family members, friends or work colleagues for Optioment. Without any activities, Optioment was clearly a Ponzi scheme.

Read all our telegrams on the Cointed investigation here. If you yould like to provide information anonymously, please use our whistleblower system here.

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