No, IFMRC is not a regulator but a scam indicator!

IMFRC ist not a regulator
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In a recent statement, BaFin found that the operator of the DeliTraders scam, Miva Solutions LLC, would have a certification from the International Financial Market Regulation Center (IFMRC). However, BaFin points out that IFMRC is neither a nationally nor internationally legitimized supervisory authority. The IFMRC website (www.ifmrc.org) has no imprint, nor is there any indication of the organization’s place of business. It is also unclear who founded it or is a member of this association. In this respect, IFMRC is not a regulator.

We would go even further and say that an IFMRC certificate is a strong indication that the broker is acting illegally and most likely a scam. We have seen many IFMRC certificates from brokers in the last few years, and in every case, the broker qualified as a scam. So stay very far away from all brokers and financial service providers that advertise with an IFMRC certificate and membership.

Besides Miva Solutions LLC, we have recently discovered Lead Secure Ltd with FXdirects, HB Enterprises OÜ with ForexOne, or Swiss Management Corporation with FX24. IFMRC apparently keeps deleting its members’ online certificates when warnings are made by actual regulators. Overall, the IFMRC website is a bad joke at best.

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