Investor Alert – Don’t fall for the Scams Rescue fund recovery scheme

Scams Rescue fund recovery scheme
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Fund recovery scams are currently on the rise. This is not surprising given the ever-rising number of broker and crypto scams. However, an estimated 9 out of 10 fund recovery companies in our experience are either outright boiler room scams or operate unseriously with little transparency and unrealistic promises. Alleged clients of fund recovery venture Scams Rescue (www.scamsrescue.com) recently left several comments on scam alerts on FinTelegram. They expressed their excitement about Scams Rescue and allegedly got 100% of their money back just days. Seriously now?

We took a second look, found many spam comments on many websites, and had to raise red flags.

The Red Flags

Based on our findings, we have to raise several red flags regarding the Scams Rescue fund recovery scheme:

  • the systematic posting of almost identically worded spam comments from supposedly enthusiastic customers on FinTelegram and numerous other websites;
  • Scams Rescue’s website does not disclose the names of any individuals or legal entities running the business;
  • The social media contacts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram stated on the website are non-existent;
  • The testimonials stated on the website are fake and do not exist, according to our research.

There is not a single piece of information to suggest that Scams Rescue is not a scam. In this respect, we strongly advise all scam victims not to get involved with these people.

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