Investor Warning – Bogus Law Firms and Funds Recovery Experts Eternity Law and Roshental Law

Investor Warning against Eternety Law fund recovery scam
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Victims of scams, unlawful or malicious business practices are typically desperate and psychologically vulnerable. In their distress, they often seek help from self-proclaimed funds recovery experts and unfortunately often end up back with scammers. These funds recovery scammers demand many thousands of Euros initial payment just to become active. Often they disguise themselves as lawyers or criminal law experts and rip off the victims again. These are the worst of all scammers.

A booming business

Whoever uses Google Search to find forex brokers or online casinos, for example, is confronted with ads from fund recovery experts of all sorts. Funds recovery is a good business for “real” and honest lawyers but also for scammers. The people behind the fund recovery scams are often the very same scammers who stole the money from the people with their scams in the first place. Therefore, they impress the victims with insider knowledge and convince them to make initial payments of several thousand Euros. “Time is of the essence here” they argue to get the payments fast. Unfortunately, many victims fall for that but after the initial payment, nothing happens for weeks.

Sometime a promising interim report combined with a new demand for more money comes. In the end, the victims of the original scam have paid money into their supposed “saviors” and massively increased their loss. What remains is an even greater desperation.

Eternal Law and Roshental Law

In recent weeks, we have received information from victims and whistleblowers that the alleged law firms and funds recovery experts Roshental Law (www.roshentallaw.com) and its successor brand Eternity Law Firm (www.eternitylawfirm.com), allegedly based in Switzerland, belong to this “worst of all scammer” category. On TrustPilot, you find a worthwhile review about Rosthental Law calling them cybercriminals. Rightfully so because they are evidently involved in other scams too. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) issued a respective scam warning just recently.

The two bogus “law firms” belong together, as you can easily see from the websites – the same address and the same phone number (where no one picks up the phone anyway). The alleged experts on the website like

  • Andrew Jonathan Scott
  • Henry Louis Reed
  • Tobias Enrique Coleman
  • Philip Broderick Henderson

are presented as experts in criminal law or tax law. In fact, however, we have not been able to identify these individuals. They seem to be fake. No links to social media accounts on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook are provided. Stay far away from these scammers.

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