Investor Warning – Bitcoin System scheme with Finotive and Finexics broker scams

Investor warning Finotive and Finexics broker scams
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The fraudulent affiliate campaign Bitcoin System (www.gainincreasenow.net/bitcoinsystem) led us today to the broker scam Finotive (www.finotive.net), supposedly operated by Harmonte Group LLC, registered in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. In our scam review, we met old acquaintances. Once again, PayBox (cashier.boxipay.io) was in action as the cashier. As scam-facilitating payment processors, we also discovered the usual suspects. Once again, the notorious high-risk payment processors iPayTotal alongside PayNetEasy, PayTechno, and PayCent.

PayTechno facilitates the Finotive and Finexics broker scams

When simulated depositing with the Finotive scam via the PayTechno payment option (www.paytechno.com), we discovered Harmonte Group LLC as the merchant behind the Finotive scam which is also connected to the Finexics scam (see screenshot on the left).

Thus, it was easy to establish that Finotive and Finexics (www.finexics.io and www.finexics.com) are connected. Financial market regulators had already issued warnings against Finexics in December 2020 (see this report here). Both scams are white-label solutions produced and operated by the very same factory. As with Finotive, the PayBox cashier is also used with Finexics. And also, behind this scam, we find iPayTotal, PayNetEaysy, PayTechno, and the usual Rat Pack.

If you have any information or experience with scams and/or payment processors, please let us know. We will make sure that these illegally operating payment processors and scams are uncovered.

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