Investor Warning – Apollo Finances promoted by Bitcoin Profit fraud campaign and PayTechno

Apollo Finances broker scam promoted by Bitcoin Profit fraud campaign
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Today we have once again received emails promising us incredible wealth. All we have to do is get interested and sign up. The link in the email once again leads us to the Bitcoin Profit scam campaign. This time the campaign is running on the website EasyInvestApp (https://easyinvestapp.com/bitcoinprofit). The campaign is available in English and German and promises fortune with Bitcoin. Today, in our second review, Bitcoin Profit takes us to the broker scam Apollo Finances from MGX Consalt Group Ltd after registration. We can also find PayTechno and Neobanq still as scam facilitators despite the many warnings. We all know them!

Estonian PayTechno facilitates Apollo Finances broker scam

We have issued a warning against Apollo Finances in May 2020 already and provided the respective details. Please read the report here. We found the fraudulent Bitcoin Profit campaign today on both SmartInvestApp (https://smartinvestapp.com/bitcoinprofit/) and EasyInvestApp (https://easyinvestapp.com/bitcoinprofit/) sites. We are convinced that more sites are running these and other campaigns. Stay far, far away from them.

Today, we already exposed the Global Markets Association scam, which was also promoted by the Bitcoin Profit fraud campaign and facilitated by the payment processor PayTechno. Please read the report here.

The Apollo Finances broker scam is operated with the domains www.apollofinances.com, www.apollo-finances.com, and www.apolofinance.com by MGX Consalt Group Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands. At least, that is what the scam claims on its web pages. The payment processor PayTechno of the Israeli Asaf Itzak Rubin, which facilitates the scam, also lists this offshore company as a merchant. We also discovered NeoBanQ as payment processors. The scam is miserably done; stay far away and keep your money.

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