Investor warning against Swiss Capital Bank facilitated by Jubiter

investor warning against Swiss Capital Bank broker scam
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Over the last few weeks, we have increasingly discovered and reported Jubiter as a scam-facilitating payment processor. A victim of Swiss Capital Bank (www.swisscbank.com) has reported that she also made deposits via Jubiter operated by the licensed Slovakian Global DLT Exchange; lost her money. In addition to Jubiter, victims can also make bank deposits to the Dutch Select Enterprises B.V., which has its respective bank account with the regulated Lithuanian e-money institution Trustcom Financial UAB.

There is no information about the operators on the Swiss Capital Bank website. Estonia is indicated as the competent jurisdiction. Addresses in London, Zurich, and Vienna are also given. The Swiss regulator FINMA has issued a warning against Swiss Bank Capital, stating that the scam broker has no registration. The Vienna address belongs to Swiss Life Select, a registered investment firm.

Select Enterprises B.V., acting as an illegal payment processor for Swiss Capital Bank, is based in Amsterdam. Since 2017, Ukrainian Oleksandr Martynov is the director of the company.

Trustcom Financial, regulated by the Bank of Lithuania, is notorious for offering bank accounts to illegal payment processors. We have discovered, for example, UAB Fuselma or UAB Skylas in connection with scams such as CMG Markets, Paragon Finances, or FinMax (please read the report here).

Stay far away from the Swiss Bank Capital scam and avoid all deposits via Jubiter or the Global DLT Exchange. These payment processors primarily work for illegal merchants and scammers. If you have any information about Swiss Bank Capital or Jubiter, please share it via our whistleblower system, Whistle42.

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