Investor warning against StocksCM and Green Tower Investments

investor warning against StocksCM and Green Tower Investments
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StocksCM (www.stockscm.com) and Green Tower Investments (www.greentowerinv.com) are illegal brokers that we also classify as scams. The operator of StocksCM is allegedly Zolton Ltd; Green Tower Investments does not provide information on the operators. Both scams state St. Vincent & The Grenadines as the applicable jurisdiction. Both scams are operated on the FXVC platform, as do NostraCapital, Infinity Capital, Wellington Holdings, YorkCG, and many others. The CySEC-regulated FXVC group around Finteractive Ltd is managing this platform.

In an email we received from StocksCM, Liongate Ltd, a company incorporated under the law of Marshal Islands, with registration No. 93116 is provided as the operator. This offshore entity has also been named as the operator of the YorkCG scam (see report here).

Our educated guess is that illegal boiler rooms in Belgrade and the Balkans operate StocksCM and Green Tower Investments; the same boiler rooms manage other FXVC white-label brokers such as Chelsea Investments. On Trustpilot, the same review fraud scheme deployed as with NostraCapital et al. Via fake reviews of the boiler room agents, good ratings presented, and thus potential victims lured into the scams.

StocksCM currently (Sept 20, 2021) achieves a 4.2-star rating with an “Excellent” trust level on Trustpilot. Green Tower Investments cuts a 3.7-star rating with an “Average” trust level.

First-time and one-time reviewers from the United Kingdom and Australia have written almost all of these fake reviews.

Stay far away from StockCM and Green Tower Investments. You will save yourself financial losses, frustration, and the theft and loss of your data.

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