Investor attention! Don’t fall for the CoinsBanking scam facilitated by Praxis Cashier

Broker scam CoinsBanking facilitated by Praxis Cashier
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The fraudulent Profit Maximizer (https://the-profitmaximizer.com) campaign today promotes the CoinsBanking broker scam (www.coinsbanking.com). Anyone registering with the campaign is automatically registered as a future victim at CoinsBanking and redirected to the scam’s payment page. There we meet Praxis Cashier to lose our money via credit and debit card payments. Coinswitch Ltd, registered in the Commonwealth of Dominica, is stated as the operator of the scam. The scam attacks in English, German, and Arabic.

CoinsBanking and TradeVTech on Trustpilot

Because FinTelegram analyzes the source code of the scam websites, the facilitating payment processors started to change the domains via which they run their cashiers. For example, Amit Klatchko‘s Praxis Cashier uses the domains https://terminal.paysecure.store and www.merchant.com (a vanity domain) to process deposits from scam clients. Certainly, it did so in the CoinsBanking and the CryptoDock cases (report here).

On Trustpilot, CoinsBanking currently has a 4.3-star rating with a corresponding “Excellent” trust level. However, the 5-star reviews are straightforward to spot as fake. One review, in particular, caught our eye – a supposed customer has made 2 ratings on Trustpilot so far. One for TradeVTech (a big scam) and one for CoinsBanking. We can probably reasonably conclude that the same boiler room in Belgrade runs CoinsBanking and TradeVTech. Trustpilot is firmly in the hands of scammers and boiler rooms. Never trust these ratings without further verification.

With the end of summer vacations, apparently, scammers start massive attacks against European consumers again. Profit Maximizer is just one of many new campaigns we have noticed in recent days. You should by no means believe any email, ad campaign, website, or social media post promising you thousands of euros of monthly income without hardly any effort. These are simply fraudulent campaigns that want your data and money. Stay far away.

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