Investor Alert! Don’t fall for YorkPro and YorkBTC broker scams

investor warning against YorkPro and YorkBTC
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We had already warned about Solid Invest (www.solidinvest.co) some time ago. There are also warnings against this broker scam from several financial market regulators. Our analyses of the scam found that YorkPro (www.yorkpro.com) and YorkBTC (www.yorkbtc.com) are directly connected to the Solid Invest scam and run on the same CRM platform. The two “York scams” work with fake reviews on Trustpilot. Deposits to the scam are possible via credit and debit card through DirectApi. Stay far away from these York Scams.

Of course, there is no information about the operators on the scams’ websites. Nor can you find links to any social media sites. Only Trustpilot is used by the scams to deceive potential victims.

We found that the York Scams have been around for only a few months old. The first reviews for YorkPro were published on Trustpilot in February 2021. A reviewer with the fake name Ian Young wrote 5-star fake reviews for both YorkPro and YorkBTC, and in them, he talked about a positive experience for years. The first Trustpilot reviews for the YorkBTC scam didn’t appear until August 2021. Thanks to the fake reviews, YorkPro and YorkBTC have a 3.9- and a 4-star rating, respectively, with “Great” trust levels.

We believe that York Scams belong to the Ukrainian Capital Letter scam network.

Stay far away from York Scams. Save yourself financial losses, frustrations, and the theft and misuse of your data.

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