Investor Alert! Do not fall for FXProInvesting and CryptoGainFXTrade

FCA warns against FXProInvesting and CryptoGainFX
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Currently, crypto-based scams are on the rise. We nowadays notice that many super-badly made Forex, CFD, and crypto brokers are taking deposits exclusively via cryptocurrencies. So are the two almost identical FXProInvesting (www.fxproinvesting.com) and CryptoGainFXTrade (www.cryptogainfxtrade.com). The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued warnings against these two scams. Stay far away from these scams and save yourself from losing your money and data.

One searches in vain for information about the operators or the responsible jurisdiction on the websites. In fact, the two scams are so poorly made that no person with any sense should fall for them. However, we know that boiler room agents and fraudulent advertising campaigns always lure people to make deposits. It is obvious that the same boiler rooms are behind both of these scams (and many others).


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