German BaFin’s first September warning – TradInvestor broker scam and BridgerPay

BaFin warns against TradInvestor
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On September 11, 2020, the German regulator BaFin issued the first investor warning on the international side this month. Either Germany is free of scammers or BaFin is still shocked by the Wirecard scandal. Either way. BaFin warns against the broker scam TradInvestor, which is allegedly operated by Ez Education. This scam is connected to the TradoFX scam.

Ran Cohen BridgerPay founder and CEO

We did a short review of the Scam and found out that the payment processor is BridgerPay (www.bridgerpay.com). Cyprus registered Bridger AI Limited of Ran Cohen (LinkedIn profile) and Yaron Hershcovich (see OpenCorporates) is gradually competing with the Praxis Cashier of Amit Klatchko and is becoming more and more popular as a payment processor for scams. Via the BridgerPay Cashier, the FCA-regulated xpate is integrated. Interestingly, sometime after the deposit process you are automatically redirected to TradoFX and are already logged in.

TradoFX is supposedly operated by Infocom Media Ltd, which is registered on the Marshall Islands. Both scams TradoFX and TradInvestor are the usual broker scams from one of the numerous scam factories. Moreover, they are also sloppily set up. Actually no customers should fall for this. Unfortunately, many do!

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