German BaFin investigates the FinexCapital and AssetsHaus broker scam caricatures!

investor warning against FinexCapital AssetsHaus and KryptoHaus broker scams
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The German regulator BaFin has announced investigations into the FinexCapital (www.finexcapital.io) and AssetsHaus (www.assetshaus.com) broker scams allegedly operated by Finexcapital LTD and Teredo Group Ltd respectively. Information and documents available to BaFin justify the assumption that the companies offer unauthorized banking transactions or financial services. Stay far away from these poorly implemented white-label broker scams. Better save your money for X-Mas.

While the website of FinexCapital does not provide an imprint or other indications of the registered office of the operator of the platform, AssetsHouse says that it is operated by the offshore entity Teredo Group Ltd, registered in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. Teredo Group Ltd is also the operator of the KryptoHaus scam (www.kryptohaus.com) against which the Spanish CNMV had already issued a warning in February 2021.

Both are white-label scams from one of the many scam factories. Deposits at FinexCapital are currently only possible before contacting support. Registration with AssetsHaus was not even possible in our review today. The registration and login pages were offline.

These scams are actually so poorly made that they are almost caricatures on scams again. Nevertheless, many fall for them when they are trapped via boiler room agents and deceptive marketing campaigns. Stay far, far away!

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