German BaFin investigates FinanzFX scam with ePayComfort

BaFin investigates FinanzFX broker scam
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The German regulator BaFin today announced an investigation into the broker Scam FinanzFX (www.finanzfx.com). The scam operator is allegedly the UK-registered Finanz Limited, where UK citizens Natasha Jane Hartley and Michael David Hartley are registered as beneficial owners. As a supporting payment processor, we have discovered ePayComfort offering vouchers of the Italian HASHTAG DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY SRLS via the domain https://rdl900.epaycomfort.com. Crazy, who falls for this?

The FinanzFX broker scam falls into the category of “who the hell falls for that?” Unfortunately, however, it must be acknowledged that the boiler room agents behind the scams very often provide the potential victims with good explanations as to why they should invest. Add to that the latent greed of the victims, and the fraud is done. Do yourself a favor, and do not fall for FinanzFX. You will save yourself financial losses, frustration, and the theft and misuse of your data.

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