German BaFin investigates Apollos Finance scam and its operators

Investor warning Apollo Finances broker scam
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The operators or friends of Apollo Finances and MGX Consalt Group have filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) copyright complaint with Google over our coverage. FinTelegram would violate the rights (which?). Therefore, Google should please remove our warning from the searcher’s genesis. We understand the despair and therefore bring our warning again.

FinTelegram has already warned about Apollo Finances several times. Now German BaFin is investigating the scam. The Apollo Finances broker scam is operated with the domains www.apollofinances.com and www.apolofinance.com by MGX Consalt Group Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands. The payment processor PayTechno of the Israeli Asaf Itzak Rubin, which facilitates the scam, also lists this offshore company as a merchant. In our reviews, we also discovered iPayTotal and NeoBanq as payment processors.

The UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has already issued an investor warning against Apollo Finances in June 2021. The scammers recently tried to make FinTelegram’s articles disappear from search results via copyright complaints to Google. They failed with that. The websites of the scam have disappeared in the meantime. The boiler rooms behind them will now attack consumers with other scams.

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