EU Regulators, courts, and victims chasing Fintero scam operators

investor warning against Fintero broker scam
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The Fintero (www.fintero.com) broker scam has acquired an impressive list of warnings from financial market regulators, as shown in the list below. The alleged scam operators are Fintero Trading Ltd, and Finplex Group Ltd in the UK, with Cyprus also mentioned as a location in some cases. In UK-registered Finplex Group Ltd, Bulgarian Zhaneta Radoslavova Kosovska, born in July 1990, is registered as a director and beneficial owner at UK Companies House. A UK victim sued the companies in the UK and won. But the problem is that the whereabouts of these companies and individuals are not known. Would you please support victims in finding them?

Finplex Group Ltd was founded in May 2020 by Zhaneta Radoslavova Kosovska. She has given Geo Milev Str 2 in Sapareva Banya in Bulgaria as her correspondence address while the company’s registered office is reported to have been in the Elscot House, London. The address was changed to a PO Box in Cardiff in February 2021. And away the thing went. The other entity, Fintero Trading Ltd, we have not found at all.

The addresses given by Fintero or the two operating companies were wrong. The lawsuit could not be served, and neither can the victim execute the money claim awarded to him by the court. This is a typical scenario for scams. Mostly the scammers use offshore entities in St. Vincent & The Grenadines, Marshall Islands, or Vanuatu as the official operators anyway. There, victims have no chance anyway. But as this case shows, victims cannot collect their money even if the operator is located in the UK.

The Fintero scam has caused thousands of victims across many regulatory regimes. Hence the list of warnings:

  • Spain’s CNMV warned in April 2021.
  • the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) warned in February2021
  • the German BaFin issued a warning in July2021.

The scam’s website is still online at www.fintero.com. Registrations are still possible. The scammers ignore warnings from regulators as well as court rulings. They don’t bother as they feel safe and untraceable. That is why FinTelegram must exist.
If you have any information about the Fintero operators and their whereabouts, we would be grateful if you could share it with us.

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