Don’t be stupid! Do not fall for the EU Crypto Bank broker scam!

investor warning EU Crypto Bank broker scam
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There seems to be no end to the constant stream of new scams and investment or trading fraud. We have information from victims of the EU Crypto Bank (www.eucryptobank.io) scam that rips off victims with large sums of money. It is a typical online trading scam. We have discovered CardPayz as the payment processor. The scam is likely to be operated via Cypriot boiler rooms, as Cypriot phone numbers are provided for contact. In July 2021, the scam attracted attention via a press release. Again, it did not name any individuals, companies, or details. Stay far away!

EU Crypto Bank broker scam

On Trustpilot, EU Crypto Bank a/k/a Eucryptobank still has a 3.2-star rating with a corresponding “Average” trust level. However, scam complaints are piling up (see screenshot left). Among the victims complaining about reviews on Trustpilot are many U.S. investors. It is surprising that scammers operate in the U.S. when it is known that the U.S. authorities are strict against scammers and the courts impose long prison sentences.

At this point, we once again warn you against a naive (or super-stupid) online investment approach. Do not invest online without knowing and checking the provider. Especially do not invest if you are called by boiler room agents. Even if you are promised attractive bonuses or super-high returns.

In the case of EU Crypto Bank, a simple check of their website would tell you that it is not a legitimate provider. Neither the operating entity is provided on the website nor any other legally required information can be found. Why would you want to invest in such an online venture? Better donate your money to good causes if you have too much of it.

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