Breaking News – Gal Barak’s drug-addicted cybercrime lieutenant Jacki Fitelzon pleads guilty!

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The 44-year old Israeli Tal-Jacki “Jacki” Zecharia Fitelzon was a lieutenant of the cybercrime organization E&G Bulgaria of Gal Barak, the Wolf of Sofia.” The latter was sentenced to four years in prison in Vienna in September 2020. The Central Office Cybercrime Bavaria (ZKB) has filed charges against Fitelzon for defrauding 335 German victims of approximately €8.7 million. Jacki Fitelzon must face a trial in Munich. Fitelzon’s German lawyer has informed the court that he pleads guilty, apologizes to his victims – and is also an incapacitated drug addict.

The lawyer’s opinion is a bold impertinence. For years, Jacki Fitelzon defrauded victims of many millions, affording himself a life of luxury and drugs. Allegedly, he cashed in at least €760,000 from the indicted activities, but it is assumed that it was several times this sum. OK, now he pleads guilty, apologizes to the victims, and points out that he cannot work because of drug addiction. His lawyers also informed the court that Jacki Fitelzon would also acknowledge all the substantiated claims of his victims.

But so sorry, he cannot make up for the damage done to his victims. Such bullshit. Such audacity. Then he should ask his former bosses Gal Barak and his wife, Marina Barak, for the money for the victims. Or give a clue as to where that money is. This pleading serves only to convince the court to issue the lightest possible sentence against a drug-addicted and indigent cybercriminal.

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