Bitcoin Fraud Campaigns and some of their websites

ukrkskke website runs bitcoin fraud campaigns
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Fraudulent marketing campaigns spread across the internet like a virus in a global pandemic. Threatening the financial and mental health of people. For example, today, we find the Bitcoin Prime scam campaign on the unspeakable website Ukrkskke with the domain https://ukrkskke.xyz registered in early May 2021. In our tests, we arrived at this website via the intermediating website Vularen (www.vularen.com). We did several tests over the last couple of hours. After registration with these fraud campaigns, we have been redirected to the payment pages of scams and CySEC-regulated investment firms via the intermediating website Ethereumcode (www.ethereumcode.online).

Recently, we found Bitcoin Prime on the equally unpronounceable website Gmxzxwbp (https://gmxzxwbp.xyz/bitcoin-prime). This fraud campaign was run through the Israeli traffic hub platform Tigloo. After our report, Tigloo terminated the service but within seconds another site came to our attention. Ukrkskke is likely to be the successor site, currently running all the Bitcoin scam campaigns we know of. Among others, the following ones:

Before landing on one of the fraudulent campaigns on the unpronounceable Ukrkskke page, one is guided through Vularen‘s website (www.vularen.com). Officially, Vularen is the provider of interior design courses. In fact, this is just a fake, and the site serves as a router of fraudulent SPAM traffic. We will continue our research into these fraud campaigns and their ecosphere.

Under no circumstances, register with any of these fraud campaigns. They not only refer you to scams or illegally operating CySEC-brokers but also steal your data. In case you have any information on the operators of these scams, we would very much appreciate it if you share it with us.

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