Attention! Indigo Capitals scam promoted by Bitcoin System fraud campaign

investor warning against Indigo Capitals broker scam
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Today, via the fraudulent Bitcoin System marketing campaign on the SafeOffers website (https://safeoffers.org), the broker scam Indigo Capitals (www.indigo-capitals.com) is promoted. Potential victims who register on the Bitcoin System in search of quick profits via cryptocurrencies are also automatically created at Indigo Capitals. After registering, the fraud marketing campaign redirects the prospective victims to Indigo Capitals‘ payment page. Omegaistic LLC allegedly operates it in St. Vincent & The Grenadines. Don’t fall for those scammers.

Omegaistic LLC is registered in the Companies Registry of the Financial Services Authority (FSA) in St. Vincent & The Grenadines with the number 1004 and is a shell company. The company builder St. Vincent Trust and Escrow Ltd established this offshore entity.

Indigo Capitals is a poorly made white label scam from one of the numerous workshops. These scams are easy to detect; victims should not fall for them. However, we know that deceptive marketing campaigns and aggressive boiler room agents create a never-ending stream of victims. Scamming is still a big business, with boiler rooms and payment processors as the driving elements.

Please do yourself a favor and stay far away from Indigo Capitals.

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