Attention German investors – IGC Markets scam attacks via Elite Trader campaign

warning against IGC Markets facilitated by Elite Trader fraud campaign
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A few days ago, we issued a warning against IGC Markets (www.igcmarkets.com) when it was chasing victims via the fraudulent Bitcoin Loophole campaign (warning here). IGC Markets is attacking German consumers via the German-language Elite Trader campaign running on the website InsaneOfferForYou (https://insaneofferforyou.org/elite-club). The campaign promises that investors can earn more than €15,000 per day. In fact, one is registered as a future victim of the IGC Markets scam and loses its data and money. Stay far away.

MaxxMedia LLC, registered in St. Vincent & The Grenadines, is the operating offshore entity of the IGC Markets scam. Deposits from potential victims are possible via Bitcoin and credit and debit cards.

The IGC Markets has not been around for long. There are no reviews on Trustpilot yet, and some bought positive reviews like on CryptoCurrency Regulations (here) or CryptocyNews (here) have been published as late as mid-August 2021. According to the Financial Services Authority (FSA), the offshore operator MaxxMedia LLC was registered in June 2021 with registration number 1162, the Financial Services Authority (FSA) register shows. The scam is still at the beginning of its dark life cycle.

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