Attention – BaFinep is not authorized to offer regulated financial services!

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BaFin has warned against Banque de Financement aux Entreprises et Particuliers (BAFINEP), which is allegedly regulated as a bank in France. The similarity in name with the German regulator is probably no coincidence. The intention is to give potential victims the impression that BAFINEP is a reputable regulated financial institution. BaFin informs that BAFINEP allegedly based in Paris, France, is not licensed to conduct banking business or provide financial services. The company is not supervised by the German regulator.

On its website with the domain www.bafinep.com, Bafinep S.A. offers, among other things, current accounts, savings accounts, Visa cards, and credit transactions. BaFin is aware of cases in which Bafinep S.A. approached customers residing in Germany via a company named Walter Schindler with the Internet presence www.walter-schindler.com, allegedly based in Mannheim, Germany.

BAFINEP targets its offer to consumers in France, Germany, and Italy. According to our information, BAFINEP is not authorized to provide regulated financial services in any of these countries. You should not enter into a business relationship or open an account with BAFINEP.

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