Another warning – Broker scam Apollo Finances and MGX Consalt Group

Investor warning Apollo Finances broker scam
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The operators or friends of Apollo Finances and MGX Consalt Group have filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) copyright complaint with Google over our coverage. FinTelegram would violate the rights (which?). Therefore, Google should please remove our warning from the searcher’s genesis. We understand the despair and therefore bring our warning again.

The Apollo Finances broker scam is operated with the domains www.apollofinances.com and www.apolofinance.com by MGX Consalt Group Ltd, registered in the Marshall Islands. At least, that is what the scam claims on its web pages. The payment processor PayTechno of the Israeli Asaf Itzak Rubin, which facilitates the scam, also lists this offshore company as a merchant. We also discovered iPayTotal and NeoBanQ as payment processors. The scam is miserably done; stay far away and keep your money.

In general, we recommend avoiding all offshore operators. The aggressive boiler room agents presenting themselves as financial specialists and account managers claim that offshore brokers are cheaper and more flexible. This is bullshit. You will lose your money for sure.

Watch out for payment processors

Another sure sign that you are dealing with a scam or illegal broker is their payment processors. If you see iPayTotal, PayTechno, NeoBanQ, or any crypto payment processor included in our list of flagged providers, stay away. These payment processors are a sure sign that they are scams. Reputable brokers do not work with them.

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